October31, 2012 > posted by Jonathan

[Link] “Examining the Thiel Fellowship: Is it Worthwhile?”

Inc. Magazine has a great article discussing why becoming a Thiel Fellow is proving to be more beneficial for some rather than shelling out enormous amounts of money on college.

“Probably the only candidate left for a bubble–at least in the developed world (maybe emerging markets are a bubble)–is education,” he said. “It’s basically extremely overpriced. People are not getting their money’s worth, objectively, when you do the math. And at the same time, it is something that is incredibly intensively believed; there’s this sort of psychosocial component to people taking on these enormous debts when they go to college, simply because that’s what everybody’s doing.”


“But Thiel has never argued that every student should drop out of school and starting a business. Rather, his argument is that for a very select group of young people, traditional education may hamper their ability to innovate. By exposing these standout students to the right network of scientists, mentors, and investors, the fellowship will help them move much quicker toward their goals.”

Read the rest of Examining the Thiel Fellowship: Is it Worthwhile? here.