Fellowship Culture

The Thiel Fellowship is the greatest class you’ll never have to take.

The most successful entrepreneurs in the world succeed by dedicating themselves to their work. The Thiel Fellowship gives young women and men the opportunity to pursue radical new ideas, without the demands of a syllabus or the burden of growing debt. There are no books or teachers unless a fellow has picked them. The only tests are those that come with each new adventure.

Imagine being surrounded by your peers – extraordinary young people who are turning their ideas into reality. These are people who want to be exactly where they are, creating things that are meaningful right now and reimagining what life can be in the twenty-first century.

“There’s no right time or wrong time to become an entrepreneur. The moment to act is when you come upon an idea you’re incredibly passionate about.”
- Peter Thiel

Along with the freedom Thiel Fellows are given to immerse themselves in their work comes the opportunity to collaborate with each other. Fellows are encouraged to learn from each other, and to use the group’s varied experiences, interests, and strengths to breathe life into existing ideas and to generate new ones. Throughout the fellowship, Thiel Fellows are mentored by highly successful visionaries, inventors, and entrepreneurs from the Thiel Network, each of whom are personally committed to the fellows’ success.

More important than leaving the experience with a job, however, or with a business – though leaving with either is probable – fellows will move forward with a rock-solid foundation of real life experience, and with newly-forged relationships that will fuel the success of their endeavors for the rest of their lives.

Like Silicon Valley, the Thiel Fellowship prizes innovation, bold moves, and rethinking what’s possible. Cockroft and Walton didn’t learn to split the atom in a day, and the likelihood that we’ll have cracked fusion by year’s end is slim. But let’s go ahead and give it a try.


For the first time in 13 years, I’m doing something I think is meaningful. — Alex Kiselev, Thiel Fellow

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