Project Areas

The Thiel Fellowship rewards bold and innovative ideas for how science and technology can change the world. Take a look at some of the amazing work of our current fellows and see if you’re ready to join in.

“Maybe another Tumblr blog will change the world. But it sure isn’t going to put someone on Mars.”

– Jonathan Cain, Thiel Foundation president

While always open to new ideas for the next great start-up, we’re primarily looking for the kinds of projects that promise something radically new and different. We’re not looking for the next Facebook – we’re looking for people who are thinking 2 to 10 years beyond what the rest of the world thinks is possible today.

Some of the fields that most interest us include:



I have always surrounded myself with mentors and success models, and realize that they have been a critical component in getting me to where I am today. Along these lines, I believe that we become better leaders by teaching what we know, and always try to put this practice to work with people who are willing and excited to be mentored. — Ryan Howard, Practice Fusion

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