December9, 2014

Congrats to our Vegas Summit Demo Pitch Recipients

At the November 2014 Vegas Summit, cohosted with the Downtown Project, the Thiel Fellowship awarded $1,000 demo pitch prizes to twelve summiters to help encourage the founders to continue their entrepreneurial science and tech projects. Congratulations to all of them and everyone who participated in demo pitching! We look forward to seeing how these individuals […]

September18, 2014


PETER THIEL OPENS APPLICATION PERIOD FOR 2015 THIEL FELLOWSHIPS Streamlined process allows young entrepreneurs to apply for 2-year fellowships, internship and job opportunities with the Thiel network, and invitations to exclusive Thiel Foundation Summits SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 17, 2014 – The Thiel Foundation announced today that it has begun accepting applications for a new class […]

August8, 2014

A Fresh Perspective on Feedback

Working with and eliciting feedback is an essential tool for iteration. However, if you’re anything like me, it can be really tough to separate one’s personal self worth from one’s projects. This makes taking in feedback especially difficult since it can get translated as, “You suck. Why didn’t you do this better?” Clearly this translation […]

January14, 2014

Meet James Schuler (2013 Fellow and Co-founder of Fund Elevator)

This is the first installment of a new Q&A series where Thiel Foundation staff sits down with Thiel Fellows for a closer look at their personal journeys, including insights and advice on navigating the scene as a young person pursuing an alternative path. In today’s entry, Allyson Dias chatted with 2013 fellow James Schuler at […]

October7, 2013

[Press Release] 2014 Fellowship Application Open

PETER THIEL OPENS APPLICATION PERIOD FOR 2014 20 UNDER 20 THIEL FELLOWSHIPS Fellowship Application Launched at HackMIT – a Massive Undergraduate Hackathon –Featuring a special Thiel Fellowship “Under 20” Prize CAMBRIDGE, MA, Oct. 7, 2013 – The Thiel Foundation announced this weekend that it has begun accepting applications for a new class of 20 Under […]

November7, 2012

Words from Frances Zomer, aka Thiel Fellow Chris Olah’s Mom

A great interview with Frances Zomer, the mother of Thiel Fellow Chris Olah on the difficulties of finding just the right learning environment for her son, and the importance of being supportive of your child. Chris was enrolled in the local public school where they lived in downtown Toronto. Unfortunately, the school didn’t take the […]

November7, 2012

Introducing Interviews with Parents of Thiel Fellows

Here is a great new series of interviews with parents of Thiel Fellows, offering advice and encouragement for parents whose children are uniquely self-motivated and ways to support them in their journeys. Since Dale received the Thiel Fellowship, I’ve gotten questions about what we did and how we helped him get involved with things. How […]

October15, 2012

[Press Release] 2013 Fellowship Application Open

Program awards $100,000 grants to innovative, driven young people with creative ideas who want to make a difference for the world SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 15, 2012 – Silicon Valley entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist Peter Thiel announced today that his nonprofit foundation has begun accepting applications for a new class of 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellows. […]

October12, 2012

“Takeaways from the Thiel Under20 Summit,” by Ben Sima

If there’s one thing to take away from last weekend’s Under20 Summit, it’s that incredible things can quite certainly be done. While working on a creative project, you undoubtedly come to a point where you don’t know whether or not what you’re working on will succeed.

October12, 2012

“Thiel Fellowship: Under 20 Summit,” by Isabella Meyer

Today I am attending the first annual Thiel Fellowship under 20 Summit. It is the first day and we are going to be attending lots of breakout groups, listening to keynote speakers, and meeting all sorts of people.