December12, 2014

“Workflow Is The Most Impressive Productivity App We’ve Ever Seen” on Business Insider

“Imagine you could create a single button on your iPhone that does whatever you want.”

November10, 2014

“Michael Gibson: Vice President of Grants, The Thiel Foundation” on DebateOut

“There is an alternative path that can indeed lead to a fulfilling and rewarding career, but you don’t need a credential to do it.”

September26, 2014

“Thiel: Ask more questions before enrolling in college” on Yahoo! Finance

“Billionaire venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur Peter Thiel says high school seniors need to take a long look before they leap into college.”

September24, 2014

“Student debt at all-time high of $1.2 trillion” on CNBC

“U.S. student debt has climbed to an all-time high, despite a decrease in consumer debt for all other major lending categories such as automotive debt, credit card and home equity loans. Behind mortgages, student loans are the second largest debt class.”

September10, 2014

“Bitcoin is not enough: Ethereum’s enigmatic founder raises $15M to decentralize everything” on Upstart Business Journal

“Of all the cryptocurrencies that have sprung up to compete with bitcoin, none is so well organized, or so widely applicable as Ethereum, which now has a war chest that would make any founder green with envy.”

September2, 2014

“Thiel Fellowships get young entrepreneurs going” on USA Today

“For 83 young entrepreneurs, a traditional classroom setting didn’t cut it. Longing for an innovative environment, these students dropped out of elite universities to pursue alternative paths to success through the Thiel Fellowship.”

August27, 2014

“A Video Game for Ferguson” on The Atlantic

“One designer is exploring whether gameplay can help navigate some of the issues raised in Missouri, using the guiding philosophy that ‘how you frame the story will change the story.'”

August26, 2014

“Thiel Fellow Raises $1.5 Million For Social Commerce App Strut” on TechCrunch

“Over the years, a number of startups have tried to redefine the way that users discover and purchase items on their mobile phones. Pretty soon we’ll have another one in Strut, an app that is designed to help users create new outfits that they can buy directly on their phones or share with friends.”

August25, 2014

“Remedy Bets That Google Glass Will Find Its Sweet Spot In The Medical Industry”

“While Google Glass has generated a healthy debate over privacy, etiquette and whether the device will ever gain broader acceptance in society, there are some obvious specialty use cases for Glass.

Remedy, a startup founded by two sisters who are a Thiel fellow and medical student, is betting that doctors will find Google Glass useful in quickly collecting and piecing together case data on patients.”

August14, 2014

“Visualize Your Favorite Music… On Your Shirt” on Fast Company Labs

“If you’re into wearables, techno, and raves then you’re going to want to check out the new Sync shirt created by Crated, a design consultancy and R&D lab based in New York City.”