January5, 2015

“2015 30 Under 30: Venture Capital / Rafael Corrales” on Forbes

“A newly promoted partner, Corrales [a Thiel Fellowship mentor] looks for early-stage opportunities among startups focused on consumer mobile, marketplaces, hardware and Bitcoin.”

January5, 2015

“2015 30 Under 30: Manufacturing / Gary Kurek” on Forbes

“Kurek’s Kügar Systems develops manufacturing machinery that is easy to for non-engineers to install and repair.”

January5, 2015

“2015 30 Under 30: Energy / Thomas Sohmers” on Forbes

“Sohmers began doing military research at MIT when he was 13 years old, but soon found a passion for inventing high-performance, low-cost computing systems.”

January5, 2015

“2015 30 Under 30: Retail / Mark Daniel” on Forbes

“This Thiel Fellow and Babson College dropout recently launched an app that promised to make shopping ‘fun again.'”

January5, 2015

“2015 30 Under 30: Enterprise Technology / Ishaan Gulrajani” on Forbes

“Thiel Fellow Ishaan Gulrajani dropped out of MIT to start a company allows developers to record users’ phone screens in order to learn and improve their app. “

January5, 2015

“2015 30 Under 30: Consumer Technology / Dylan Field” on Forbes

“Thiel Fellow Dylan Field likes to stay out of the spotlight, putting his full focus on Figma. The photo editing company he launched has raised $3.8 million in funding.”

January5, 2015

“2015 30 Under 30: Consumer Technology / James Proud” on Forbes

“James Proud is trying to get into your bed. His connected device company, Hello Inc, is currently launching its first product—an orb placed next to your bed to track sleep quality. “

December12, 2014

“Workflow Is The Most Impressive Productivity App We’ve Ever Seen” on Business Insider

“Imagine you could create a single button on your iPhone that does whatever you want.”

November21, 2014

“Thinking too highly of higher ed” by Peter Thiel on The Washington Post

Perhaps the least controversial thing that President Obama ever said was that “in the coming decades, a high school diploma is not going to be enough. Folks need a college degree.”

November10, 2014

“Michael Gibson: Vice President of Grants, The Thiel Foundation” on DebateOut

“There is an alternative path that can indeed lead to a fulfilling and rewarding career, but you don’t need a credential to do it.”