November21, 2014

“Thinking too highly of higher ed” by Peter Thiel on The Washington Post

Perhaps the least controversial thing that President Obama ever said was that “in the coming decades, a high school diploma is not going to be enough. Folks need a college degree.”

October7, 2014

“Meet The World’s Youngest Female Billionaire, A College Dropout And Medical Genius” on Elite Daily

“Some of the most successful and innovative people in the world never finished college. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are both dropouts of Harvard University for example.”

September26, 2014

“Thiel: Ask more questions before enrolling in college” on Yahoo! Finance

“Billionaire venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur Peter Thiel says high school seniors need to take a long look before they leap into college.”

September2, 2014

“Thiel Fellowships get young entrepreneurs going” on USA Today

“For 83 young entrepreneurs, a traditional classroom setting didn’t cut it. Longing for an innovative environment, these students dropped out of elite universities to pursue alternative paths to success through the Thiel Fellowship.”

June5, 2014

Peter Thiel Announces 2014 Class of Thiel Fellows

PETER THIEL ANNOUNCES 2014 CLASS OF THIEL FELLOWS video series “Teen Technorati” follows 40 finalists vying for a Thiel Fellowship SAN FRANCISCO – June 2, 2014 – Peter Thiel today introduced the 2014 class of new Thiel Fellows. The fourth set of young entrepreneurs to be awarded Thiel Fellowships, the fellows will receive support […]

April10, 2014

“Harvard Degree’s Price: Four Years Of Dependence” on Forbes

“No wonder [the song] “Breakaway” is popular. The lyrics capture a stage of life perfectly. That unmistakably brutal breakup with Mom and Dad: “So I prayed I could break away.” That rash first move: “Get on board a fast train.” That pride in proving independence: “I’ll spread my wings, and I’ll learn how to fly.””

December18, 2013

“Why a Nonprofit Backs Dropping Out of School” on The Wall Street Journal

“The impact of the [20 Under 20] program is hard to measure because the Thiel Foundation’s official goals are to “defend and promote freedom in all its dimensions.” So far, 64 Thiel Fellows have started 67 for-profit ventures, raised $55.4 million in angel and venture funding, published two books, created 30 apps and 135 full-time jobs, and brought clean water and solar power to 6,000 Kenyans who needed it.”

October18, 2013

“The Other Way to Learn” on Yale Daily News

“The Thiel Fellowship application opens with a challenge: “tell us how you would like to change the world.” The wording may sound bombastic, but the Thiel Foundation is not playing games.”

June6, 2013

“There goes Peter Thiel again…” on Pando Daily

“This was the Thiel Fellowship’s third annual Under 20 Summit, where some 300 invited kids flocked to San Francisco to wade into the waters of entrepreneurship…”

July13, 2012

Young Entrepreneurs Consider Skipping College

“The world’s hardest problems aren’t going to solve themselves. If you have a great idea, the right time to work on it isn’t four years off—it’s now.”