• Welcome 2013 Fellows!

    Welcome 2013 Fellows!

    Peter Thiel introduced the 2013 class of new Thiel Fellows. The third set of young entrepreneurs to be awarded 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowships, these fellows will pursue innovative scientific and technical projects, learn entrepreneurship from the ground up, and begin to build the innovative companies of tomorrow.

  • The Thiel Fellowship

    The Thiel Fellowship

    A radical re-thinking of what it takes to succeed, the Thiel Fellowship encourages lifelong learning and independent thought. With $100,000 and 2 years free to pursue their dreams, Thiel Fellows are changing the world one entrepreneurial venture at a time.

  • Fellows


    Thiel Fellows represent a wide spectrum of backgrounds, interests, and abilities. But one element unites them: a passionate drive to make the world a better place.