John Burnham

"A la lucidez de ciertos momentos la acompaña a veces la sensación de velar sólo en una ciudad dormida."


About John Burnham

When I applied to the Thiel Fellowship, I believed that the future of technology lay in space. I spent the bulk of my Fellowship researching space technology (with a focus on asteroid mining and more general space colonization proposals) and interning at various related startups (such as a NASA contractor designing a lunar lander and a startup microsatellite company). I even spent three months doing basically nothing but reading old papers on nuclear rockets. But somewhere along the way I caught the startup bug, taught myself how to code, and now I work on web tech. C'est la vie. My current project is We've been told it's alien code. Check it out. A new life awaits you in the off-world colonies!


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    Newton, Massachusetts

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