Sujay Tyle

"Why wait to make a name for yourself?"


About Sujay Tyle

Sujay was one of the youngest students at Harvard, until he left during his Junior Year. For six years since the age of 11, Sujay conducted biofuel research surrounding the conversion of cellulose to ethanol for which he won the International Energy Olympiad and was named one of the Top Young Scientists across New York. Since then, he and his older brother, Sheel Tyle - now a Venture Capitalist - have co-founded and ran ReSight, Inc. - a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to eradicating blindness. With the Thiel Fellowship, Sujay will lead Business Development and Strategy at Los Angeles based start-up, Scopely.


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    Mountain Lakes, NJ

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    Energy, Technology

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