• pthiel
    Peter Thiel

    Peter Thiel is a technology entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist.

    He first gained attention for innovations in banking and startup finance. Today he is known as the mentor of the PayPal mafia of entrepreneurs, as well as for his warnings of a coming technology deficit with severe economic consequences. He works to accelerate innovation to prevent such a crisis by identifying and funding promising technology ideas and by guiding successful companies to scale and dominate their industries.

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  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Cain
    President of the Thiel Foundation

    Jonathan Cain is co-founder of the 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship, which identifies and supports the tech visionaries of tomorrow. He also serves as a principal at Thiel Capital and sits on the boards of the SENS Research Foundation, a nonprofit that works to develop, promote, and ensure widespread access to regenerative medicine solutions to the disabilities and diseases of aging, and the Seasteading Institute, which works to further the long-term growth of the seasteading movement. Before joining the Thiel Foundation and Thiel Capital, Jonathan served as speechwriter to the Secretary of Health and Human Services. He lives with his wife, Robyn, in San Francisco.

  • joneill
    James O'Neill

    Jim O’Neill is a partner at Mithril Capital Management. He serves on the boards of the SENS Research Foundation, The Seasteading Institute, and the Thiel Foundation, which promotes science and liberty across the globe and opposes violence in all its forms. He co-founded and supports the 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship, which identifies and supports the tech visionaries of tomorrow in fields as diverse as robotics, biotech, space, communications, energy, and transportation. Before joining Mithril, he ran the Thiel Foundation and was a managing director of Clarium. Previously, he was the principal associate deputy secretary of health and human services. He lives in Mill Valley with his wife, Lien, and their three children.

  • Danielle Strachman
    Danielle Strachman
    Program Director of the Thiel Fellowship

    Danielle's passion for reinventing education led to her current role as the Program Director of the Thiel Fellowship, where her mission is to accelerate technological progress by setting young visionaries free through self-directed experiential education. In 2002, after deciding to go the entrepreneurial route instead of enrolling in a PhD program, she moved to California and started an educational consulting business serving the homeschooling community. It was this group of passionate and driven young people who inspired her to cofound Innovations Academy, a charter school focused on student-led project based learning, and dedicate her life's work to changing education.

  • mgibson
    Mike Gibson
    Vice President for Grants at the Thiel Foundation

    A proud Oxford University dropout, Michael is a policy associate at Clarium Capital Management and a vice president at the Thiel Foundation. He lives in San Francisco.

  • bkesala
    Bohdanna Kesala
    Event Curator

    Bohdanna organizes and coordinates events for The Thiel Foundation by day, and is a professional artist by night. After over a decade of focusing on her artistic career, exhibiting her work in San Francisco, New York, Italy, and Spain, and teaching art at the college level, Bohdanna decided to turn left at the fork in the road. This path led her to creating artistic events for The Thiel Foundation. Her hope is to add a little artistry to the world of science and technology.

  • Amanda Rupp
    Amanda Rupp
    Foundation Administrator

    A former middle school teacher who is a strong proponent of the learn-by-doing approach, Amanda now serves as the Foundation Administrator at the Thiel Foundation.  She lives in San Francisco.

  • Nick Arnett
    Nick Arnett
    Under 20 Community Development Manager

    Nick serves as the Under 20 Community Development Manager for the Thiel Fellowship and is a strong proponent of self-directed learning. Prior to joining the Thiel Fellowship team, Nick spent several years working with economic development agencies on community engagement strategies and visioning processes. Having always been fascinated by networks and disruptive innovation, he founded and serves on the board of Twelve Cities Project, a nonprofit dedicated to catalyzing innovation through cross-country collaboration.

  • Allyson Dias
    Staff of the Thiel Fellowship

    Allyson studied at the University of Edinburgh and the Université Paris-Dauphine. She withdrew from her Master's program. Since she was 16, she has been involved with helping children with cancer continue their education during their treatments.


It is not the owner of stage-coaches who builds railways. — Joseph Schumpeter

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